All Nations Lutheran Church


The Lutheran Women's Missionary League of All Nations Lutheran Church meets on Thursday mornings to work on various projects, enjoy fellowship, and have a group Bible study.


One of the All Nations LWML larger projects is quilting. Scraps of fabric are cut into small and large blocks, sewn into larger pieces, then a middle batting and a backing material are added to form a warm, light, quilt. These quilts are donated to local charity organizations for distribution to those in need. Over the years, hundreds of quilts have been produced by the All Nations LWML group.

Other activities include an annual bazaar. Many scrumptious baked goods are offered for sale and small crafts are produced and sold. The annual rummage sale is always a big event with many items available. The funds raised from these events are used by the LWML for their mission activities and to support the broader scope of the LCMS LWML mission activities.